Plastic Boiler Equipment and Engineering
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At TECOPLAS, we are very clear that, once the installation is handed over, our compromise with the client is still far from over.


This is why we offer a guarantee for all our installations, and a maintenance designed to increase to the maximum the life of the equipment.

In close collaboration with our clients, we offer systematized maintenance plans for the correct usage of installations and the minimization of failures and stops. We also attend immediately to urgent reparation needs, or the substitution of fundamental components to ensure their proper functioning.

Some of the materials most often used in its are:

- PP. Poly Propylene.
- PEHD. High Density Poly Ethylene
- PVC. Poly Vynil Chloride
- CPVC. Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride.
- PVDF. Polyvinylidene Fluoride
- ECTFE. Halar.

ISO 14001

ISO 9001

OHSAS 18001