Plastic Boiler Equipment and Engineering
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Engineering and Design

TECOPLAS has a team of engineers with thorough training and experience in the study and design of equipments and facilities based on thermoplastic material.


The innovation policy which is maintained in the company allows us to offer solutions to anyone, anywhere, with the quality and service that they deserve.


From the starting point and through to the final assembly, our technical department supervises and controls all steps, always fulfilling the needs of our clients and the right norms and procedures required for each case.

Some of the materials most often used in its are:

- PP. Poly Propylene.
- PEHD. High Density Poly Ethylene
- PVC. Poly Vynil Chloride
- CPVC. Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride.
- PVDF. Polyvinylidene Fluoride
- ECTFE. Halar.

ISO 14001

ISO 9001

OHSAS 18001